Holding Listed Companies
By holding controlling shares in eight listed companies, ZEG strives to foster pacesetting sectors such as semiconductor, big consumption, big health, early childhood education, new energy vehicles, environmental protection, business outsourcing services, etc.
Unicorn Incubator
In investing in start-ups or acquiring distressed companies with good potential, ZEG has singled out key investment projects based on considerations such as growth potential, innovation capabilities of the team, core technologies of the company, etc. to fully empower its "Unicorn Initiative" and to facilitate the independent listing of invested companies.
Energy Resources
ZEG holds controlling shares in two major mining groups, of which ZEG Energy Holding operates coal mines in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, etc., with proven reserves totaling 4 billion tons and an annual production capacity hitting 20 million tons. ZEG Resources Holding operates metal and non-metal mines, with subsidiaries distributed in 12 provinces across China and ore deposits valued at RMB 120 billion.
Licensed Financial Institutions
With regard to financial operations, ZEG holds strategic shares in six licensed financial institutions, including Zhongrong International Trust, Zhongrong Fund, Hengqin Life Insurance, Hengbang Property Insurance, Zhongrong Huixin Futures, and Zhongrun.
Wealth Management
Controlling or holding shares in four wealth management companies, namely Hang Tang Wealth, Xinhu Wealth, Datang Wealth, and Gaosheng Wealth, ZEG is committed to building a global wealth management platform for high-net-worth clients and providing them with professional and comprehensive financial services. In addition,ZEG established a wealth management platform — Zhongzhi Fund in early 2022, which is qualified for independent fund sales business.
Asset Management
ZEG controls or holds shares in five asset management companies, namely Zhonghai Shengrong, Zhongzhi International, Zhongzhi Capital, and Shoutuo Rongsheng, with operations covering alternative asset management, distressed asset management, mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises, M&A, private equity investment, etc.

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