Educational Donations

Strong youth make a strong nation, whilst intelligent youth make an intelligent nation. Fully aware of the important significance of children's growth for China's socioeconomic prosperity in the new era, ZEG places particular emphasis on the development needs of children and has repeatedly launched a wide variety of charitable programs with broad coverage, in addition to funding educational poverty alleviation initiatives such as "Learning to Speak Mandarin in Preschools" to help children grow up healthily.

Thriving education makes a thriving nation, while powerful education makes a powerful nation. Higher education serves as an overarching symbol of a nation's attainment of and potential for development. Whilst keeping a close watch on the development of China's higher education and the fostering of top-notch talent, ZEG has established strategic partnerships with a dozen colleges and universities and been vigorously supporting the scientific research in colleges and universities by providing continued educational donations, in a drive to contribute its share to the high-quality development of China's higher education.

CSR Reports

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